Julie Mink

Editor. Artist.
Biology. Mocap

Welcome to my webspace. Check out some examples of my work and enjoy.

I've worked in museums, research, and motion capture. My passion is in all things post-production and science-y. Yank, Kiwi, technician, researcher - the list goes on. I'm a generalist whose true passion lies in learning and trying new things.

In 2005 I studied in New Zealand, fell in love with the place, and in 2010 achieved my dream of moving back. Since then, I've been wandering the hills, taking photos, and exploring.

In my mind there is no difference between the elegant system of nature and meticulous design. The balance between two shots of footage, edited together seamlessly, is no different than watching eight-legged bears wander around the moss on your microscope slide.

Give me some Adobe software, a soldering iron,, and a bug-net for the weekend, and I'm set.


This site contains a few realized ideas from my dusty notebooks. Digital graphics, still or moving, websites and zine, you'll only find my favorites here.




Cables and codecs. You need an .mp4 encapsulated as an .m4v converted to DV-AVI? Deinterlaced? PAl of NTSC? Is it under DRM? Don't worry, I got your back.


I don't know anyone else that owns a personal microscope - let alone 3. I see no difference between the beauty of art and nature.

Graphic Design

Marketing, Web, Motion Graphics.

Video and Animation

Production and Post.



Future Projects

Coming soon.


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